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About Me

Etienne Perley is an accomplished Siku Player (Panpipes) and vocalist.

He has performed extensively across New England and the Eastern United States.  

Performance Highlights include appearances with the Andean groups Inkas Wasi at venues such as at the Shalin Liu in Rockport Maine or  the Fryeburg Fair Maine. He was with Inkas Wasi for 4 years and enjoyed every minute of it. He has also performed casually with Inca Son and New Inca Son on occasion every now and then.

Etienne knew Inca Son when he was little now he has a great connection with them on a musical and professional level, though not with the group he enjoys performing with them whenever gets invited to do so. Last year they came and performed at his 30th Birthday Party and he got to perform with them. You can find the full performance on You Tube.

Etienne has also performed for the Peruvian community of Tampa and Orlando Florida (find full performances on YouTube).
During the summer months Etienne can often be found performing around Amherst Massachusetts and other places.

Etienne is a graduate of the Berkshire Hills Music Academy in South Hadley MA and has performed extensively with the BHMA Troupe.

His lead vocals and instrumental playing can be found on many of their promotional recordings. His Final recording with them was on their Live CD which can be gotten at certain events that BHMA holds.

It's Free! (Check their Facebook page for upcoming events.)

Currently he is no longer with them as he left, now he's on his own doing solo gigs locally and he loves it. You can find him performing in Amherst Center performing in front of Judy's on Saturdays or in the Ye Olde Flee Market performing on Sundays in Hadley. You can also find him at Fairs, Restaurants, Libraries and other Venues in and around the Pioneer Valley and possibly further.

Etienne was born in Lima Peru and raised in Cambridge, MA.

He currently lives and enjoys the music scene in and around Amherst MA.

Etienne is currently working on his debut album which will  be released in October 27th 2018 and has more big plans for the future so stay tuned!