•  ​​​​​​​​​Geographically Peru is found west of South America, and shares borders with Columbia,Ecuador,Brazil,Bolivia and Chile.

  • Peru is  one of the twentieth largest countries in the world and is the third largest country in South America.

  • The first natives of Peru were known to be nomadic hunters who resided in cave like housing. The oldest documented site in which early natives resided in was the Pikimachay cave which researchers found to date back to 12,000 BC. 

  • Peru had a peaceful relationship with Spain up until 1824 when the two countries began conflict over accusations of Spain trying to liberate the country.

  • Peru also had a brief war with Ecuador regarding territory and land disputes.

  • ​​Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador who invaded Cuzco and established the capital of Peru, "Lima" 

  • People closely associate indigenous Andean instruments to the time of the Inca.

  • The Name of these Instruments are : Sikus (Zampona or Panpipes) the different sizes are Chuli, Malta, Zanka, Toyo the flutes are called Quenas and Quenacho 


  • The little Stringed instrument is called Charango originally made from an armadillo shell now its made of wood because it's illegal to use armadillos shells,

  • The andean drum is called Bombo which is made from goat skin and the shakers fare called chakchas made from goat hooves or fruit seeds 

  • ​The Style of music has often been called "Peruvian music" but the true name is Andino music which is the music from the andes which are, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Argentina and touch a little bit of  Venezuela and Columbia 

History of Peru

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